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Computer boots itself.

Computer automatically turns off by itself

Computer constantly turning itself off.

Computer doing things all by itself

Computer dialing by itself

Computer is dialing out by itself

Computer keeps just powering down.

computer just shuts of while i install a progie

computer keeps turning its self off !

computer keeps turning off by itself

computer is shutting down by itself

Computer just shutting itself off.

computer keeps shuting down -2 error messages

Computer often SOUNDS like it is turning itself off but remains on

Computer Running Itself? HELP!

computer shotdown by itself

Computer shuts off everytime

computer shuts off on it's own

computer shuts down on its own

Computer shuts down by itself?

Computer shuts off automatically

Computer Shuts Down When Installing Games

computer shuts self down

Computer Shutting Down By itself

Computer shuts off suddenly

Computer suddenly shuts off

Computer starting on it's own

Computer turning off

Computer turns off by itself!

computer turns off during spyware checks

Computer Turns itself off.

Computer takes off on it's own

Computer shuts itself off -- possibly power problem.

Computer turning off my it self.

Computer turns off automatically

Computer switches self off when playing STALKER

Computer turning off. Processor problem?

Computer trips and shuts off

Computer suddenly shut down

computer suddenly shut off :(

Computer turned itself off

Computer Suddenly Shutdowns

Computer switches off automatically and.

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