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computer crashes while listening to MP3's

computer freeze up

computer freeze when opening new windows

computer freeze on plugging any usb device; help?

Computer Freeze Randomly

Computer freeze while gaming?

Computer freeze problems - very annoying

Computer Freeze with Wierd Screen Pattern

computer freeze

Computer freezes every few minutes with distorted sound

Computer Freeze - Please Help!

Computer freeze when I insert a DVD in my DVD burner

Computer freeze after new hard drive installed

computer freeze always

Computer freeze at bootup

Computer freezes when Its on too long or I start a game

Computer Freeze During Logout

Computer freezes when loading 7 news etc

Computer Freezes when playing video games and loops last seconds of music

Computer freezes when playing ANY game with no particular time

Computer Freezes all the time

computer freeze every 5 min of logging on

Computer freezes when playing game (JP3)

Computer Freezes Every Time

Computer freezes and loops on some games

Computer freezing everytime

Computer Freezes on many things

Computer Freeze When Transferring Large Files to External Harddrive

Computer Freezes Randomly During Gameplay

computer freeze while browsing net

Computer Freeze with High pitched noise.

Computer freezes whilst gaming urent help required?

Computer Freezing and Audio Distortion

computer freezes up when certain things are clicked

Computer Freeze during Spysweeper scan & virus scan

computer freeze on chatroulette and omegle

Computer freezing during games - Tried pretty much everything.

computer freezing to dang much

Computer freezing on a daily basis

Computer Games freezing up (think its a computer problem)

Computer Gets Stuck for 8:45 min in POST! (Picture included)

Computer hangs while running games/other programs.

Computer freezes when I get IM's

Computer Freeze BSOD (BCCode: 124)

Computer freezes with soundloop

Computer Freezes When Doing Certain Things

Computer keeps freezing. Maybe a virus?

computer keeps freezing on popups

Computer pausing during gameplay

computer slow/freezes (just recently happened)

Computer/graphic card locking up while playing Half Life 2

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