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Computer Emits Really Loud Noise


You probably shouldn't just ignore it, since the fan's purpose is to cool and you could run into more problems if the fan is not doing its job. Many PCs, however, still have some flavor of CD or DVD drive. The sound like yours also has a strange fade out when the power us shut off.View My "Video" @ tinypic FunkygrazDec 1, 2013, 2:29 PM nukemaster said: Sorry it took so If your case doesn't allow for some fancy cable-management then the least you could do is try to neatly secure the cables together so they occupy the least amount of space http://codecreview.com/computer-making/computer-is-very-loud.html

You did not say that you hear a humm when the hard drive is active, I assume that the humm is constant, so the hummmm probably comes from a fan. If so unload some start up processes or do a clean install of windows. There is a fan in the power supply (sometimes two), usually a fan on the processor (proprietary designs sometimes use the power supply fan to cool the processor), and sometimes a Try to shortly stop a fan, no more than a second or two for the CPU fan.

Computer Making Noise Grinding

Just a clip that you push down and pry away with a screwdriver on one side, which when it releases you watch fly into your head, leaving a massive penetration wound. Another clue to a defective power supply fan is that the top of the PC towards the rear will be hot. Then either remove the hard disk or unplug the power from it. Then do a relatively simple test to determine if the problem is a crashed hard disk.

Power supply fan makes noise on startup and when powering down CPU Fan making buzzing noise at startup dell xps l502x fan making huge noise at system startup with beep sound Computer power supply help and support. Replacing case fans is inexpensive and easy -- although it is possible that the fan is simply really dirty. Computer Noise Be sure you unplug then open up the computer, then find and remove the offending screw before you plug the computer back in or turn it on.

Move that whire so that it no longer touch any fan. Computer Making Noise On Startup Subscribe to our free and informative weekly forensics newsletter! First things first, you need to get closer to the problem. CD-ROM help and support.

You should only expect to hear a slight hum from the CPU fan; below are some issues that may cause additional noise from your CPU fan. Computer Making Beeping Noise Whenever i start up a full screen game i hear a loud grinding noise co Loud Noise coming from monitor when i play some games My laptop is making a really Basically:A) Back up data (ALWAYS)B) Run CHKDISK, Program to see drive heat.C) Check Task Manager and see how much memory/CPU power is being used - is your system being run near I've had this for about 2 weeks now, my pc rattles and makes a sound like when a disc is inserted into a 360, i havent tried putting in a disc

Computer Making Noise On Startup

For help determining which fan is making noise, see Step 3: Determine which type of fan is making the noise. If the fan is not running that is inside the power supply, that is telling you it is time to replace the power supply. Computer Making Noise Grinding You may need to update the bios (the manufacturer will give you instructions online). Why Is My Computer Making A Loud Buzzing Sound Turn on the PC, if it is still humming, turn off, hold the processor fan to prevent it from turning.

My guess is one of your fans is on it's way out. navigate here Fans that continue to spin at high speed or make strange noises might indicate a problem. I have the same problem, I think Zenx is on to somthing with the rig booting the fans up to full speed, cuase as soon as the pc is on and When heat builds up inside the computer, those parts heat up until they quit working... Computer Making Noise Randomly

Power Surge 2x. No matter if there is an issue or not, if there is critical data on your computer you need to keep another copy. And so you do. Check This Out Electrical buzzing means imminent explosion, whereas humming means fan bearings.

The hum generally comes from one of 3 places-- the power supply, the hard drive, or the chip fan. Computer Making Clicking Noise This can get complicated. Computer hard drive buying tips.

Actually, neither the power supply nor the hard drive is likely, although at the same time neither is impossible.

If after cleaning a fan it doesn't move at all, it's time to replace it. As an example, on one system I worked on, there was a "sub woofer" on the floor, part of a 3-way speaker system. Note that some computers have as many as 7 to 9 fans in them (case fans, power supply fans, CPU fan, chipset fan, fans inside CD/DVD drives, video card fan .....). Computer Making Loud Whirring Noise The noisy fan is inside the case, usually at the back.

Do try cleaning the fan on your power supply first, you'll be shocked how filthy these get. Turn the computer back on and listen for the hum.If the fans and CD/DVD drive are OK, that tends to leave the hard drive. Typically these look like stock heatsinks, but are made by different companies. http://codecreview.com/computer-making/computer-noise.html If the sound is gone, then plug in the fans one at a time until you catch the culprit.If it's not the fans, next thing to check would be any add-on

Reply to theenigma87 bursty59Jun 27, 2013, 5:24 AM had trouble with graphics card play a way the game crashed .thinking the worst .removed graphics card cleaned best I could replaced it