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Computer bogged down by viruses

Computer acting sluggish.

Computer Acting Slow

Computer Being Slow Now

Computer continues to run extremely slow

Computer does EVERYTHING slow

Computer exceptionally slow

Computer Extra Sluggish

Computer being slowed by virus/malware?

Computer extremely slow: infection probable

Computer extremely sluggish

Computer Extremely Slow - Applications Crashing Computer

Computer Extremly slow and need anti virus!

Computer eXTRA slow

Computer Getting Slow Again

Computer gone slow

Computer getting slow and.

Computer freezing and general slowness.

Computer Going Slowly

computer going slowww

Computer getting slow - virus?

Computer getting slow after long time use ( And sometimes crash )

computer going very slow

Computer has gone SLOOOOOWWWWW

computer going sloow

computer has become very slow

Computer has been running incredibly slow recently.

Computer Going Slow

Computer has gotten super slow

Computer has been slow.

Computer Infected - Runs Terribly Slow

computer going real slow

Computer going slow then it should

Computer is acting slow.

Computer having multiple issues lately - please help!

Computer is acting very slow!

computer has slowed down - do i have spyware?

Computer going slow lately

Computer is slow

Computer is running very slow

computer is running very slow - please help

Computer is slow and getting slower

Computer gettingslower

Computer is slow.very slow

Computer is running really sliggish

Computer is runninng WAYY to slow!

Computer is operating really slowly!

Computer is getting very sluggish

Computer is going extreamly slow also I keep getting Ad popup really bad!

Computer is slower then normal

computer is slow and it takes forever for dig cam to download pics Help!

Computer is slower. Possible virus

Computer is Slowing Regularly

Computer is extremely slow

Computer is running extremely slow.

Computer is moving slower and slower

Computer is running SUPER SLOW

Computer is responding very slow

computer is running very very slow please help

Computer lagging/crashing

Computer is getting really slow.

Computer Lag and Technical issues.

Computer moving slow

computer moving too slowly

Computer not acting as usual.

Computer is slow-help!

Computer is slowww

Computer moving abnormally slow!

Computer moving slowly

Computer Operating Very Slowly

Computer going really slow!

computer is working slow

Computer Performance significantly slow (Virus?)

Computer moving slower than usual?

Computer Really Slow.plenty Ram.so Maybe A Virus?

Computer Problems- System slow etc.

Computer really slowed down for some reason

Computer running a bit slower than usual . HijackThis log posted

computer running like crap

Computer running dreadfully slow

Computer Running extremly slow

Computer Runnign Slow

Computer Running Slow and AntiVirus scan Hangs. Log attached

Computer running extremly slow HJT included

Computer running extremely slow! Virus?

Computer Running Extremely Slow.?

Computer running a little slow

computer running in treacle! please help

Computer running slow and blue error screen

Computer running really slowly

Computer running a tad slow - please check my log

Computer restarts randomly and runs extra slow

Computer Running Awfully Slow

Computer running really slow - HJT log enclosed

Computer running SLOW and changing homepage to searchnu.com

Computer runing very Slow

Computer Running Slow (Kind Of) PLEASE HELP!

Computer really slow!

Computer running extremely slow--HT and other logs attached--please help!

Computer Running Slow (part 2)

Computer running slow

Computer running really slow and freezing with programs messed up

computer running like turtle.hijack this help please

Computer running slow and freezing up

Computer running REALLY slow please help

Computer much slower than should be.

Computer Running SLow and I'm Losing the Will to Live!

computer running extremely slowly. HJT

computer running much slower and freezing

Computer Running Extremely Slowly

Computer Running Much Slower!

Computer running slowly

Computer running slow/errors in booting

Computer running truly unusually slowly

Computer running slow. HiJack This

Computer running unbelievably slow

Computer running multiple processes at startup. Running very slow!

Computer running slow. HJT posted

Computer Running Really Slow.Log Attached.Please Help

Computer running slow.hijack this log

Computer running extremely slow after USB Port failed.

Computer running slow after + HJT log

Computer running slow for whatever reason.

Computer running painfully slow

Computer running slow/ slow loading page

computer running slow has me stumped

computer running slow.hijackThis log

Computer Running Extremely Slow Need Help!

Computer Running V.Slow

Computer running slow - PLEASE HELP!

Computer running slow after fix

computer running slow after games

Computer Running Sluggish/strange things happening

computer running at full capacity

computer running slow+disk defrag question?

Computer running slooooooow- HJT Log attached

Computer running ridiculously slow - Help please!

Computer running slow wondering if i have any viruses or maleware

Computer running sloooooow - hijackthis log

Computer running slow - Trojan

computer running sloooow

Computer running slow. should i be worried?

Computer Running Super Slow

Computer running slow - Trojan horse BHO.GOT

Computer running sloooow and freezing.

Computer real slow when first getting on-line

Computer running slower that usual

computer running slow - please look at my hijack

Computer running inexplicably slooooooow

Computer Running Very Slowly - Hijack This Log Included

computer runs slow

computer running slower then normal and being redirected

Computer running slow----HJT log file

Computer running slow-hijackthis

Computer running Slooowww--log attached

computer running slow hjt log help

computer running slower and lagging

Computer running very slowly

Computer running very VERY slow

Computer Running slow & McAfee firewall disables at startup

Computer running slow- hjt log included

Computer Running Mega Slow

computer running very slow when i put in new graphic card

computer runs slower than normal

Computer running slow - especially IE 6

Computer Runs Slowly

computer running slow lately. . .HJT Log

Computer running VERY VERY SLOW. HIJACKTHIS LOG. plz help

Computer running slower slower PLEASE HELP HJT LOG ATTACHED!

computer running slowly and freezing after running firefox and steam games

Computer Running Slow HighJack Log Attached

computer running VERY

computer running slow hijack this scanlog

computer running too slow

Computer running slow and virus

Computer running slowly and my hijack this log file

computer running really really laggy. HJ log attached

Computer running slower than it should. too many useless start-up programs?

Computer running really slow and freezes

Computer running slow Possible virus

Computer running slower than my one legged dog.

Computer Running Very Slowly! (HJT help please!)

computer running slower than normal

Computer running very slow. Hijackthis log included.

computer running slow; HJT log

Computer running very slow.Help!

Computer running very slow.please help!

computer running veeeerrry slow. Please please look at my HJT log!

Computer running slow. Can it be a virus?

Computer running slow all of a sudden can u take a look (hijack this log)

Computer Running Very Slowly. Need help. Multiple Problems.

Computer Running very Slow - Am I Bottlenecking?

Computer Running Very Slow - Possible Virus Problem - Please Help!

computer running very slow.my hjt log

Computer running very slowly; can someone check my HJT log?

Computer running real slow lately

Computer running VERY SLOW! Virus?

computer running really slow.please look at hijackthis

Computer running slow - Hijackthis log included

Computer Running SLOWWWWW!

computer running very slowly and trying to improve speed

Computer Running Slow - Help

Computer running very slowly- how do i fix/ discover problem

Computer running very sluggish.

Computer running sluggish

Computer runs terribly slow.

Computer slow and being difficult HJT scan included

Computer Runs Too Slow

Computer runs badly

Computer running wacky

Computer running slower than ever

Computer Running Slow - Here's my HiJackThis Log

Computer Running sluggish and applications not working properly

Computer runs real slow

Computer running slow many errors

Computer running slowly -- HJT log included

Computer running slow off and on

Computer runs slow & antivirus tampered with.

computer running slow:Virus?Worm?

Computer slow or worse

Computer runs very slow

Computer Running Slow on Start Up - Hijack Log Attached

Computer running slower

Computer runs very slowly

Computer running slower than before

Computer running slow. "Thinking light" always on/blinking

Computer running Slower and slower

computer slow/freezes

Computer Running Slower Than Usual

Computer slow with lots of problems

Computer Slow for No Identifiable Reason

Computer running so SLOWWW!

computer seems like its slowing down

Computer running slowly - hijackthis log attached

Computer running very slow (spyware

Computer slow in general

Computer Running very Slow & I removed over 250 Malware Please Help

Computer running very slow and crashing

Computer slower than ever

Computer slower than normal

computer running unusually slow

computer slower than should be

Computer running VERY slowly - HJT Log Included

computer slowdown help

Computer running at a snails pace.HJT log included

Computer slowdown

Computer running incredibly slowly.

computer slower

Computer slowdown? Virii and Malware causing it?

Computer slower and worried about security

Computer running @ speed of snail.

Computer slow start up and other problems.

computer running extra slow.possible malware/virus?

Computer Slowed and can't find virus

computer slow/other issues

computer slow and keep losing homepage

Computer Slow after visiting website - HJT below

Computer Slow. Possible Virus?

Computer Slowing Down with Adware

Computer Running Very Slow HJT Log

Computer Slows and lags with no apparent problem.

Computer running very slowly/"not responding"

Computer slowing down - must restart everyday

computer starting to run slow.

computer slow and crappy. help!

Computer slows up frequently

Computer running to slow to get work done.

Computer slow/crashing

computer so SLUGGISH out of nowhere. no spyware - whats going on?

Computer Slowness

computer slows down at 5pm and very slow during startup

computer super slow as of late - LOG included

computer slows down @ 5pm and very slow during startup

COMputer slow freezing

Computer Terribly Slow!

Computer very slow operating

Computer very slugish and locks up have to reboot

Computer still very slow.

Computer unusually slow

Computer Very Slow. Virus ?

Computer Slow and Other Issues

Computer Very Slow. Whats Wrong ? Plz Help

Computer very slow! Please help.

Computer Very Slow.Among Other Problems.

computer very slow have to constantly re-boot.help needed

Computer Very Very Slooooow! Very Frustrated

Computer Very Slow - Something Running in Background - Please Help

Computer very slow! I thinks that is a virus!

Computer to slow now

Computer working slower

Computer working slow

Computer works very slow

Computers runnig slow

Computing Running Very Slow & Other Operating Issues

computer's slow

computer working slow only when log on to chat

Computer working very slowly

Computers acting laggy

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