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Computer Cannot Find CD Drive

Computer cannot find CD/DVD drive

Computer cannot find my CD/DVD drive (E drive)

Computer cannot detect DVD inserted

Computer Can't Find DVD Drive

computer doesn't detect cd drive after using it once

Computer DVD/CD

Computer Keeps Restarting When Using DVD Drive

Computer no longer reads CD's or DVD's

Computer not reading CD discs

computer not reading CD's or DVD's

Computer not reading discs.

computer not reading my cd drives

Computer no longer reading my external DVD burner

Computer not detecting disk drive

computer not recognising cd drive

Computer stopped recognizing CD/DVD drive.

Computer unable to read CD - Need help!

Computer suddenly can't 'see' my CD drive

computer will not read my *real* cd-rom drive

computer will not read my dvd drive!

Computer Will No Longer Recognize The DVD CDROM

computer won't read dvd

Computer will not find my CDROM Pls help!

Computer won't recognize dvd drive and won't play dvds/cds

Computer won't recognize some CD blanks

Connect my pcs cd/dvd drive to my laptop

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