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Computer crashes if started up with internet?

Computer crashes while copying data onto the hard drive

Computer freeze on Copy Files but.

Computer freezes when USB in use

computer freezes when USB ports used

Computer freezes when plugging in headphones.

Computer freezes when i plug in ipod

Computer freezes when clicking on print

Computer freezes Whenever I copy and paste Large files.

computer freezing up when viewing video streams

Computer Freezes When Connecting USB

computer freezing when adding a printer

Computer freeze in MS Word 2000

Computer Freezes When I click properties

Computer freezes when I connect a USB device

Computer Freezes When iPod Is Plugged In

Computer Freezes when trying to open certain files

Computer Freezes when Printing

Computer Freezing Online

Computer Hangs When USB device is connected

Computer Freezes when connected to Network

Computer Hangs With Wireless and XP

Computer freezes when it looses wireless internet connection.

Computer Freezing When Transfering From 1 External Hardrive To Another

Computer makes a 'click' then freezes when i try to play a game?

Computer(s) Freeze upon connection to the internet.

Computers hangs when transferring files using Windows 7

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