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computer A on internet

computer clean up

Computer acting very weird. Possable virus or hacker?

Computer Break-in!

Computer baisically broken

completely lost! - computer shut downs

compressing video file size

Computer Acting Strange - Can't figure this thing out

Completely deleting a web page from the internet

Computer cant 'see' PSX games

Computer Cleaning

Complicated zipping requirement

Computer beginner and virus removal

computer accessible over internet

Completely infected.I think

Computer can't recognize Network driver after reformat

computer boots on installation of OS

Computer acting really funny.virus maybe?

computer acting slow and lots of popups.

computer clean?

Computer Crashing - Malware?

Computer Building

Computer connected to the internet

Computer connected to wireless network

Computer connecting to Network Printer used to Work

Computer crashed - Help bringing up old documents

Computer Crashes. System Restore Deleted. I have malware. Help please.

computer crashes using flash video and during virus scan

Computer deleted Chrome profile & shortcut icon

Computer connects to the internet

Computer Constantly Uploading Data

Computer Cleanup

computer crushed

computer corrupted

Computer date

Computer CPU 0% when to many applications

Computer completely wiped clean

computer completley broken please help

Computer came with 2 partitions

Computer compromised with a keylogger

Computer booting slowly & suspicious behavior

computer dead

Computer detecting virus ~ [emailprotected]

Computer doesn't have LAN driver!

Computer constantly crashing everything

Computer crazy! Do I have a virus?

Computer effected by some type of virus (i think)

Computer behaving in jerky way -- virus/adware?

computer crashing virus

computer down

computer freeze up and page closure

computer file problem

Computer Fixing.

Computer Files Wiped Out

Computer connecting to Wifi

computer fps or lag?

Computer Gets Bugged while gaming

Computer got hit by something. (malware/trojan)

computer got infected

Computer full of spyware

Computer Illiterate -- trying to download video/pics from miniCamcorder to PC

Computer full of viruses

computer hacking

Computer has a Trojan that I can't get rid of

computer game lagging

computer hookup to hdtv

Computer had virus

Computer has been acting weird plus some passwords don't work so here's a HJT log!

Computer has slowed down to a turtles speed

Computer has malware and is slow need help to get it off

computer got infected and suddenly slowed down enourmously! please help

Computer has virus/malware

Computer has Virus problem

Computer infected i think

Computer is a mess.

Computer infected with Downloader virus;NAV doing a bad job :-(

Computer infected and seems beyond repair

Computer hibernating?

computer infected need heelp

computer infected need help

computer infected with malware

Computer is Auto Changing Screen Bounds

Computer infected spyware/malware

Computer froze up how do I unfreeze it

computer is broke.can i get pictures from it.?

Computer help with malware

computer is broken :( help fix

Computer hijacked with weird symptoms

computer is acting up and reporting malware.

Computer is all over the shop Details and HJT log attached

Computer has spyware

Computer infected - Internet Explorer Popups

Computer Infection

COMPUTER INFECTED? Bizarre behavior!

computer has a lot of popups.

Computer infected.Virus protection disabled

Computer is slow & infected

Computer infected

Computer is running unusually slow and always getting pop-up

Computer is slow - malware?

Computer infested to the core with spyware; please help!

Computer in terrible condition after virus

Computer Infected - Help Please

computer has frozen

Computer infected & can't Restore Help

computer infected need your professional help

Computer is running really slow and Internet Explorer keeps getting redirected

Computer has Virus or worm Not Online

Computer Issue/ Possible Virus

computer images on tv?

Computer is connected to wifi

Computer is so messed up.someone please help

Computer is restarting a few times on bios before booting after installing new gfx

Computer is lagging with games.

Computer has a virus

computer infected with a virus

Computer Infested With Malware

Computer Is Full of Spyware

Computer is stuck after Virus scan.Need Help Fast!

Computer is fully infected

Computer is infected

Computer keeps rebooting - virus suspected

Computer is REAL messed up - please help

Computer Lagging With Games

Computer just got nastified. cant remove CWS

Computer locked need pw

Computer may have Virus

computer locked

computer keeps making weird noises + redirecting browser + slow

Computer not functioning properly after removal of virus

Computer Not Booting after PS Change

computer not right

Computer Lag can't find the problem

Computer keeps on uploading

Computer keeps rebooting. Can't finish malware or virus scan

computer laging really bad help!

computer not running right

Computer Messed.need help

computer messing up

Computer Malware Possible Problem

computer locked in user

computer might have virus

Computer not backed up

computer mess-up

Computer might have viruses

Computer lagging really bad (not game related)

Computer Memory help

computer need cleaning

Computer needs cleaning

Computer on network freezing

computer mess

Computer not working properly after virus removal

Computer model and make?

computer loaded with spyware and virus

Computer Lags While Online

computer on startup

computer not evaluting memory correctly

Computer locked; can not access any user

Computer lanuage change

Computer Password on XP

computer making unattended reboot

Computer Novice Needing Help With Random Pop-Ups and Slow Internet

computer problem maybe virus related

Computer opening popups and very slow

computer performs factory restore

Computer rebuild problems

computer rebuild

computer re-boot

computer remotely controlled-can you help?

Computer Problems (FPS)

Computer really slows down over the coarse of and hour

Computer reboot

Computer Problems (I assume a bad virus)

Computer redirects to websites-HJT logfile included

computer problem: virus or spy ware?

Computer really slow possibly malware and virus infection

Computer running like its DEAD. please help

Computer Recently Infected

computer missing file.

Computer not working.motherboard fried?

Computer Reset

Computer Ram Upgrade

Computer Problem: BSD and Restart virus.Need help understanding

computer on tv

Computer Running Slowly.Possible Spyware Infection?

Computer restarts when i resume a particular download

Computer running slow - may have virus. Please help!

Computer running slow check log for spyware please

Computer running slow think im infected

Computer Restarts when loading cd .ISO from network

Computer running slow - spyware suspected

Computer seriously infected

computer running slow think i might be infected

Computer running slow - cleanup?

Computer resets when using modem

computer screenshot?

Computer running slowly and popups coming up

computer running slow popups

Computer Screen to Television

Computer seems to be infected

Computer running poorly

Computer running slow probably infected

computer severley infected

computer sharing

Computer scanned still virus like activity

Computer runs faster when I disable what runs in the background?

Computer runs very slow/white screens HJT log

computer runs really fast

computer seems infected but cant find virus.

Computer screen acting wacky

Computer Slow and Detecting Adware

computer slow - IE popups

Computer Slow Down / With Spam virus ?

computer slow function

Computer Shut Down on Network lan connection

computer slow and some fields are coming up in different colors

Computer Slowdown by crazy Errors and Malware popups

Computer slowed 50% since last month. help please

Computer Speed/Lagg

computer starts up in dos

Computer Slow. Suspect Virus or Malware

Computer slow Online.malware? Spyware? Errors?

Computer slow possible Malware on laptop

computer still affected after complete HD wipe

Computer slowing down/Possible spyware threat

Computer suddenly blue screening. Think it might be my new RAM

computer so full of ads.and so slow.

Computer Still Infected

Computer slow & now have "redirect" problems

Computer Still Not Running Right After False Antivirus

Computer to Computer Network - How ?

computer super slow and sluggish after booting and periodically during the day

computer to computer sharing a printer

computer snapshot

computer to computer?

Computer to HDTV connections

Computer to LCD

Computer To Printer

Computer sharing on a wireless network

computer virus on windows 7 tryed everything need help

Computer sluggish and repeated spyware removal coming back

Computer unusable - seems to be malware

Computer snail-like

Computer stuttering in games and videos and while writing or scrolling

Computer Upgrade

Computer Virus filled

Computer Virus Help

Computer virus 'ngoijv' help!

Computer Very Slow With Popups And very slow

computer tries to reboot with disc

Computer uploading very large amounts of data- suspected infection

Computer uploads data

computer was infected a few days ago. HELP

Computer to Entertainment Center hookup ? (sound card to RCA?)

computer wizard needed

Computer turns off and CMOS reset back to default

Computer Sucking Up Bandwidth

Computer taken over by ADWARE

Computer will not boot up (repost)

Computer Sound from my HDTV

Computer used to be fast

Computer will not remember id's or passwords

Computer Virus.please help

computer upgrading

Computer Video cam no software

Computer will not restart after Malwarebyte virus scan

Computer Video output to Plasma Flat Screen TV

computer wants feed back while booting

computer using all my bandwidth htj file inside

computer wipe out! help

Computer tells me there is 2 things wrong with my computer

Computer With Viruses/ Help Needed Please

Computer was infected. All accounts deleted

Computer Very Slow - Possible Multiple Virus Infections?

Computer without a mouse

COMPUTER VERY SLOW .may be infected with virus !

computer wont read mpeg-2 files? HELP!

Computer virus removal & clean up

Computer update

Computer won't re-format!

Computer virus. maybe?

Computer won't work after wipe

computer won't install any mal-ware removal programs

Computer/ spyware problem?

Computer/Malware issues

Computers always slow

Computers having trouble "finding" each other.

Computer Wipe Out

computers internal history

Computer was running 10 minutes ago now dead please help me

computers like a snail!

Computer Will Not Use All Installed RAM

Computers coming onto network over VPN

computer to speaker hookup

Computer's Firewall?

computers running funny. have log attached

Condensing slides for printing in PowerPoint

Conecting 2 computers

conecting 2 printers

Conecting My Wierless Router!

Concerns about new CABLE setup?

concerns on wether i can run a cd

Concerned about potential keylogger

Conceal Identity on the Internet

Configure IP filtering for hg520b router

Conecting a xbox 360 to a laptop via a HDMI input.

Configure Outlook

configuring a wired network

Configure router to not.

conecting two machines

configure router.

Conecting Directly to router

Configure wireless router.

configurator doesn't list my computer

Conection continuity between devices in wifi network

Configuring 5.1 Speakers With Windown 7 64bit.

Coneecting 2 Computers

Conection of wireless

Configure raid

Configuring Network Canon Printer

configuring a router

Configuring RAID 1

Configure WEP on router

Configuring Router

conecting to stereo.

configuring e-mail accounts

Conflicting anti virus programs please HELP !

conecting two laptops together can u advise

Configuring / Setting up RAID1 assitance needed

Configuring Outlook Client for use with OWA

Configuring in Outlook

Conficker infection on laptop running Windows Vista

configure ram

configuring for better net speeds

Configuring Outlook to work with phone

configuration of wireless router

Configuring a DSL modem

Configuring a modem

configuring permissions on symantec antivirus 8

Configuring my new Router with Laptop

configure email

Configuring 3G USB Modem and router for internet sharing and home networking.

Connect Computer to TV. Great display

Configuring speedfan

Connect file without extension to a program

Connect computers to Router

Connect Macbookpro via wireless

connect mouse wire?

Connect to friend's computer directly?

Configuring Wireless Router

Connect a PC to a Laptop VIA Wireless Connection

configuring ZAP with mIRC

connect to bare wire

Connect laptop and android phone thru Wi-Fi

confused on what changing the fsb does

Confused about RAM. DDR and DDR2

Configuring filesharing between two computers where one is part of a domain

connect laptop to CRT monitor?

configuring hardware firewall

Connect my PC to HDTV

Connect HD to PC

connect to internet

Connect 2 computers via parabolic ant

Config help: modem>firewall>router

Configuring peer-to-peer remote access in Win98

Connect 5.1 Speakers to iPod

Connect NAS to wireless network

Connect to External Harddrive

Connect to internet (cable modem)

Connect desktop and laptop. what do I need?

connect one printer to 3 computers?

Conflict between Spyware doctor and Webroot Spy Sweeper

Connect New Keyboard

Connect the settelite Dish to my computer

connect a device to DSL router

Connect a Ethernet printer wirelessly

connect 2 home networks together over internet

Connect normal speakers to ipod

Connect to printer on another network?

connect laptop to desktop

Connect Laptop and Desktop for two screens

Connect 2 Networks

Configuring the System for Booting From a CD (how do i do it?)

Connect Cell Phone to Modem

connect to printer wirelessly

connect to outside pc from home pc

connect to net thru mobile?

connect two towers

Connect via usb

Connect Computer To Coaxial TV

Connect PC to HDTV

Connect labtop wireless to desktop

Connect PC to HDTV via HDMI -> CAT5 -> Router -> Access Point -> CAT5 -> HDMI -> TV

Connect two wireless routers using a wire

connect 2 pc to 3 printers - 1 usb + 2 parellel

Connect PC to LCD Flat Panel TV Fix

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