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Computer becoming VERY slow

Computer also running slow

Computer crashing and running slow

computer freezes and is slow

Computer freezes and runs slow

Computer has been running slowly

computer hangs and runs slow

Computer Hanging / Running Slow

Computer gets slow when I go on youtube

Computer is SO slow it's IMPOSSIBLE to get anything done!

Computer froze today and has been running slow

Computer is running slow

Computer is just getting too slow now

computer is running slow and internet is not working

Computer is running slow & deleted MS Works

Computer is soooo slow please help!

Computer is running slower and slower

Computer is running slowly

Computer lagging and slowed overnight

Computer is running slowly lately

Computer is running slowwwwwwww

computer is very slow can't open emails have to restart a lot

computer is ssooooooo slow! please please help

Computer lags and hangs

Computer running really glitchy and at hyper-speed

Computer running slow and locking up

Computer running slow + randomly restarting.

Computer running slow and programs hanging

Computer recently running slow

computer running slow and wont run downloaded games

computer running slow - logs included

Computer repeatedly freezing; running slowly; shuts down and starts up very slowly

Computer running slow after driver download

Computer running slow and unable to uninstall certain programs

Computer running Slow/Weird

Computer Runs Slow while gaming

Computer running slow/Programs don't want to open

Computer running slow on idle

Computer seems to be running slow

Computer Slow: Any Idea Why?

Computer Slow When Playing Games

Computer slow snail

Computer so slow and weird

computer running slow then freezing

Computer slowed down and crashing

Computer slowing/freezing

computer still running slow

Computer slows down and crashes

computer super slow

Computer speed has been running slow.

Computer very slow and lagging.

Computer working extremely slow

Computer's running slow. PLZ HELP

computor running slow

Computer`s running slow again.

computers running slow and locking up.

Computer's Running Slower

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