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Computer Automatically Shuts Down During a Game!

Computer closes down

Computer automatically shuts down

Computer crashes and shuts down in sleep mode

Compuer shutting down randomly

Computer boots up on its own & random shutdowns. A failing power supply?

computer cuts power

Computer continually shuts off minutes after booting

Computer constantly shutting down how do I stop it?

Computer dies after a while running

Computer Cuts Off Ramdomly

Computer constantly shutting down at random

Computer cuts off when.

Computer dies

Computer also shuts down frequently

computer going online on it's own

Computer instantly shuts down without warning - Outerinfo

Computer is turning off when windows loads

Computer is shutting itself down at random.

Computer is shutting down

Computer is shutting down abruptly

Computer is ramdomly shutting down

Computer keeps shutting off - NEW PSU

Computer keeps shutting down! Please help.

computer keeps restarting when i multitask

Computer just shut off

Computer just shut off! now what!?

Computer keeps shutting down. Not in safe mode

Computer just shuts down

Computer just shuts down and re-boots.

Computer just shuts off

computer just shutting down

Computer keeps shutting down for no reason

Computer jsut shuts off.

Computer just turns off and on at random.

Computer just turns off

computer powers down

Computer powers off during XP Install?

Computer powers off!

Computer Powering Down Randomly

Computer randomly shuts down help plz! please!

Computer randomly shuts off.

Computer randomly turns off.

Computer randomly shutsdown

computer randomly shuts down. trying to figure out which part is bad

computer randomly shutting down

Computer randomn shutting down

computer randomnly shuts off

Computer randomly shut's down

Computer randomly powering down

computer randomly shuts off on its own

Computer randomly turns of

computer keeps shutting down while on internet

Computer randomly powering off

computer randomly turning off

Computer Randomly tuurns off!

Computer randomly shut off

Computer Randomly Shutting Off

Computer randomly shuts down and stays down for a few minutes (details included)

Computer randomly shuts down

Computer Random Shut Off?

Computer random switch off. HALP!1

Computer possessed by the spontaneous shutdown of death

Computer Randomly Powers Off

Computer Powers down and back up with error message!

Computer shutdown and is making a beeping noise

Computer Shuts Down after just under one minute

Computer shuts down for no reason

Computer Shuts Down.No Warning

computer shutdowns

Computer shutting off randomly

computer shuting down

Computer shuts down after one minute

Computer Shuts Down When Virus Scanner is Scanning

Computer Shuts Down Randomly

Computer shuts downs abruptly then makes noises

Computer shuts off abruptly every once in a while.

Computer shutting down and other problems

Computer shutting down +-10 minutes after startup

Computer runs then shuts off after several minutes

computer shuts it's own self down?

Computer shut down

Computer shuts down all the time!

Computer shuts down frequently

Computer shutting down with no warning?

computer shutting down constantly

Computer runs for about 2 minutes then shuts off.

Computer shutting down without warning

Computer shuts down

Computer shutting off.

computer shutting down due to some error

Computer shuts down and MB beeps

Computer Shutting Down!

Computer Shutting Down! Help!

computer shutting down every 15 min

Computer Shuts Down Randomly!1

Computer shuts off!

Computer shuts down and crashes

computer shuts down a few seconds after loggin in to new windows 7 install

Computer Shut Down Unexpectedly

Computer shuts down without loading windows

Computer shuts down whenever i run antivirus

Computer shuts down without warning

Computer Shutting Down for no reason

Computer shuts down in 2.30 min !

Computer shuts down at loading screen

Computer shuts down after 1/2 second

Computer shuts down after 10 min of playing Assassin's Creed B

Computer shuts down at random

Computer shuts down after 2 long beeps

computer shutting down halfway through startup

Computer Shuts Off Intermittenly

Computer shut me out! HELP

computer shuts down before fully booting up

Computer shut itself off randomly?

computer shuts off at random

Computer shuts down when I remove USB device!

computer shuts off randomly

Computer shuts down whenever I play a game

Computer shuts down before Windows can load.

Computer shuts down after gaming for 5-10 minutes

Computer Shuts Itself Down + Fast Fan(s)

Computer shuts down constantly

Computer shut off at the Window XP loading screen!

Computer shuts down cpu broken?

Computer shutting of and ending programs unexpected

Computer shuts down on it's own at random times.

computer shuts down on it's own

Computer shuts down Spontaneously

Computer shuts down during XP installation

computer shuts off unexpectedly

Computer shuts down every 20 mins

Computer shuts down unexpectedly

computer shuts down once connected to internet

Computer shutdown abnormally

computer shuts down unexpectedly and randomly

computer seems to power down

computer shuts down wen dig. camera connected

Computer shuts down when rendering a video

Computer Shuts Off/BSOD randomly

Computer shutting down randomly

Computer shutting down for me as well

Computer shuts down (whenever it wants too)

Computer Shutting Off For No Reason

Computer shut off

computer shuts off (Dies completely) randomly

computer shuts down after a few minutes

Computer shutting down when booting/loading

Computer shutting down suddenly

computer spontaneously shuts down!

Computer spontaneously shuts off

Computer shutdown 5 seconds after bootup

Computer sometimes abruptly shuts off

Computer shuts down when logging off internet

Computer Shuts Off Upon Windows Loading?

Computer shutting down unexpectedly

Computer suddenly shuts down.

Computer Sometimes Switches Off Randomly

Computer shuts down at Windows XP screen

Computer Shutsdown intermittently need Help!

computer turns off at log on screen

computer turns off for no apparent reason

Computer turns off without warning

Computer turns off

Computer turns off FOR NO REASON!

Computer shutting down in the middle of my browsing

computer turn on issues and virus

Computer turns itself off randomly for no reason?

Computer sometimes randomly turns off?!?!

Computer shuts down every 20 minutes or so

Computer shutting down randomly with no errors

computer turns off randomly

Computer switching off!

Computer swiches off

computer turns off when windows xp is loading

Computer turned off randomly.

Computer Switches Off

Computer shuts down after playing games for about 10 minutes.

Computer turning itself off when it pleases

Computer shuts down periodically

Computer turns off mysteriously

computer turning off without warning

Computer shuts down occasianaly

Computer unexpectly shuts down

Computer turns off instead off going to sleep

Computer trys to turn off randomly

Computer still shutting off

Computer Shuts Down On Standby

Computer shuts down when i run anti virus

Computer turns off during virus/registry scan

Computer was shut down.

Computer turns off after 2-3 mins not in use

Computer with XP Home shutsdown unexpectedly.

Computer suddenly shutting down instead of sleeping

computor shut down

computor shuts down when on line

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