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Computer became extremely slow & still is after restore.

Computer extremely slow after fresh reinstall of XP

Computer is slow after on for a long time

computer is running extremely slow after a virus was removed

Computer Infected - Extremely Slow!

Computer is so slow (Just reformatted)

Computer Lagging After Reformat

Computer lags after reboot

Computer is running slowly after SAS scans

Computer laggs after reformat

computer restored to factory settings but still rebooting

computer running slow after CA security center install

Computer running super slow after system restore HELP!

computer running slow since going on net

computer running slow after malware removed?

Computer SLOW after upgrading to Win XP

Computer Slower After Reformat

Computer slow after new graphics card

computer runs slow after cleaning spyware

Computer slowing down after 5 minutes of use

Computer Slow after doing syste restores

Computer still running slow. after.

Computer still slow after reinstalling os

computer too slow after virus removed

Computer VERY slow after sudden reboot

Computer went from fast to SUPER slow & other problems after reinstalling OS (Vista)

Computer still slow?

Computer VERY slow after Stand By

Computer's performance worse than before after reformat

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