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Computer acting slowler

Computer boots and runs very slow

Computer Became Extremely Slow

Computer Extremely Slow :o(

Computer extremely slow

computer extremly slow

Computer gone very slow

Computer getting slow with slow startup

Computer Getting Slower & Slower

Computer has started to run slow.

computer has slowed down

Computer Has Become Sluggish

Computer has been running very slow. Please take a look.

Computer has slowed noticeably in last week

Computer is achingly slow

Computer is extremely

Computer is Deathly Slow

computer incredibly slow

Computer going extremely slow

Computer is running a bit slow

Computer is running too slow.

Computer is slow to load

Computer is sooo ssslllooowww Help!

computer is slowing down

Computer is running REALLY slow

Computer is rediculously slow

computer is VERY slow :/

Computer Is Down And I Need To Work!

computer is soooo slow

Computer is incredibly slow

Computer is very slow. help needed :-)

computer is running real slow please help:

Computer is ridiculously SLOW!

Computer is Very Very Slow

Computer is moving slow?

Computer is running stupendously slow

Computer is very

Computer is sluggish

Computer loading slow and .

Computer loads things slowly.

computer is sluggish .need help! please

Computer is vveerryy slow

Computer Performance is Too Slow

Computer performance very sluggish

computer preformance greatly slowed down.

Computer rather slow

Computer Really Slow Need Help

Computer REAL Slow

Computer Runinng Very Slow

Computer running really SLOW!

computer running to slow and turning back off at start up

Computer really slowing up.

Computer running impossibly slowHey

Computer obnoxiously slow

computer running poorly/HJT

Computer running very sssssslllllllllooooooowwwwww

computer runs slow follow up

Computer runs extremely slowly

Computer running very slow!

computer running very slow! full details inside

Computer running painfully slow.Please help.

Computer running reeaaaally slow!

Computer running verrry slow

Computer Runs Amazingly Slow

Computer runs sometimes very slow

Computer running really s-l-o-w!

Computer runs agonizingly slow

Computer seems eat up with spyware

Computer Runs

Computer runs really slow

Computer runs extremely slow

computer seems slow at times

Computer seems slow

Computer slow and fast used up memory?

Computer running super slow [Pls help ASAP :)]

Computer slow down - help please

Computer slow down

Computer running slowly again

Computer slow

Computer Running Slowly--Please Help

Computer slow AGAIN.

Computer slowing down

Computer slowed down

computer slow help!

computer running too slow dnt know what is up

Computer slowing

Computer Slow-down when Installing from a disk

computer slow at doing anything

Computer Slowing Down a bit

computer seems unusually slow?

computer slow and preoccupied

Computer slow and sluggish

computer slowing down please help

Computer Slowing Down Significantly

Computer slowed and programs closing

computer slowing up

computer slow responding

computer slows way down

Computer Sluggish

computer slowing down drastically.please help

Computer starting to slow down

computer slows down alot

computer slowed down dramatically

Computer Slows

computer slows? Help

Computer Slowww

Computer takes several minutes to do ANYTHING!

Computer Speed Problem

Computer too slow -

Computer speed problems

computer slows down

computer s-l-o-w help!

Computer very slow

computer slowed right down

Computer very slow i need help!

Computer slowing down and need help!

computer slow down. HELP!

Computer Very Very Slow

computer very very very slow

Computer very slow. Not sure where to begin

Computer starting up and running painfully slow

Computer waayy too slow.

computer very slow dont know what to do!

Computer Start up/ operations too slow

computers slow

Computers slowed down dramaticly

Computer's Really Slow

computer's running very slowly

computor slow getting going

Computer System Very Slow

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