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Computer acting up each time a close any game.

Computer and Internet running slow

computer 2 slow

computer became slow

Comptuer runs slow and browsers dont work

computer eating ity's own music files

Computer extremely slow! Are there easy ways to check this problem?

computer is very slow coming on

Computer is sooo slow!

Computer is running slow and internet

Computer Is So Annoyingly Slow.

Computer is too slow when accessing Internet

Computer Memory Running Slow

computer performance issues

Computer really slow and is having major difficulties opeining programs

Computer ridiculously slow--Please help!

Computer redirects sporatically and is slow?

Computer running slow despite having a high speed internet connection for some reason

computer slowed to a snails pace

computer slowdown and no internet

Computer running slowly and losing internet connection

Computer slows after ebay surfing

computer slow please help

Computer slower than usual

computer suddenly lagging


computer way 2 slow

Computer very laggy. HJT.

Computer with some high performance parts is getting slower.

Computer VERY slow. iTunes?

computer very slow.pls help

Computer/Internet slow down.

Computer/Internet becoming slow.

Computers VERY slow

computer/internet really slow

conection slow

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